Great Traits Academy

Great Traits Academy  provides you with the tools to feel, work, and  live  like a champion. Guided  by Debbie Muir and Mark Tewksbury  through a digital  curriculum,  participants  take active steps toward  achieving  personal wins,  relationship  wins, and big-picture wins.     

Just as training makes an athlete stronger, faster, and more agile, participants gain personal and professional momentum as they move along a learning pathway designed to teach fundamental traits for success.  Having  already  prepared people  for high  performance in the  workplace  with the Corporate Champions program, Mark and Debbie have created Great Traits Academy for anyone who is looking for  human  development: combining personal  happiness, fun, and fulfillment with professional success. Live  like you mean it.

Great Traits Academy


Debbie Muir always wanted to be a coach. She loves the thoughtful, methodical work of distilling  difficult  objectives into attainable steps – a clear application of her  background in education and  curriculum  design. She loves seeing participants pass  new goalposts each week and, most of all, she  loves creating an  environment where others can excel. Debbie  has brought  success into the lives of many – including  Mark Tewksbury, who Debbie coached all the way to Olympic Gold.  She  is known to have the Midas touch.    

Mark’s  achievements  go beyond his athleticism.  In 2020, he was recognized for championing equity, inclusion and human rights, on and off the field, by being appointed Companion of the Order of Canada, the country’s highest civilian honour. For  decades, Mark has been a leader in both the Olympic and Special Olympics movements. In  2019, he was awarded the Muhammed  Ali Humanitarian Award for Gender Equity.   Drawing on his life’s work, Mark wants to help others leave their own legacies.     

Mark and Debbie  don’t just teach the Great Traits fundamentals – they live  them.

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With your monthly subscription you will receive:

  • Two new digital “Trait Chapters” every 30 days. Each Trait Chapter will include: 
    • A Trait Talk video, in which Mark and Debbie introduce a new trait and discuss its importance to the program.
    • An audiovisual slide show, which walks participants through the key concepts of each Trait Chapter.
    • A downloadable workbook, which will challenge the participant to look inwards and keep records of their old and new behaviors.
  • Purchasing this subscription as a gift? You’ll receive a graphic to share with your loved one while they wait for their product.