Discovery Career Coaching

Discovery Career Coaching helps subscribers find their purpose. Everyone deserves to do rewarding work – but knowing where to start the search can feel impossible. In an approach that goes beyond the what to the why and the how, career coach Todd Ogilvie provides one-on-one guidance, helping subscribers create a plan to get ‘unstuck’ and back on track. 

At Discovery Career Coaching, you’re in charge of deciding what you want – whether that’s starting over somewhere new, advancing on your current trajectory, or redefining what your purpose actually is. With two 50-minute sessions per month, subscribers can start down their renewed career path and commit to taking practical steps towards their ideal future.



Discovery Career Coaching

Todd Ogilvie started career coaching after years working in sales leadership roles and 15 years of service in the recruiting industry. He loves matching job seekers with amazing employers and their open positions – but felt that his scope as a recruiter was limited. He wanted to help everyone who crossed his path, not just applicants who fit the current position he was working to fill. Todd was providing extra support – giving resume feedback, offering interview prep sessions, and following up with connections when the perfect job opportunity did arise. Eventually, he decided to complete formal coach training and offer a higher level of service to job seekers who are feeling stuck and unsure of their career path. 

Todd has first-hand experience feeling ‘stuck.’ He originally started his career years ago in sales because he loved working with people, but with each promotion he found himself moving further away from people-focused roles. His work in the recruiting industry got him back to that and by founding Discovery Career Coaching, Todd is excited to help others through a process of regaining control over work and life. 

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With your monthly subscription you will receive:

  • Two 50-minute one-on-one career coaching sessions with Todd Ogilvie, via video chat.
  • Purchasing this subscription as a gift? You’ll receive a graphic to share with your loved one while they wait for their product.
  • Once you have subscribed with Discovery Career Coaching, you can expect to be personally contacted the next business day by Todd Ogilvie to coordinate the meeting schedule that will work best for you.